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In light of the recent Scottish Government update, we now have very limited information as to when we may be able to reopen this year. As with previous announcements over the last year we appear to follow behind England in the lifting of restrictions, with the prospect of coming out of “Lockdown” but back into a still very restricted tier system. The Scottish Government intends to publish a more detailed document on the sequencing of reopening the economy (hospitality included) in mid-March.

On the 26th of April, the Scottish Government intends to return most of the nation to tier 3 level, this prohibits the sale of alcohol, requires all non- residents to vacate the premises by 6pm and banns all unnecessary travel between council areas. This would include those intending to stay in a hotel! With these restrictions in place, it would not be viable to reopen until further easing of restrictions, in light of this we envisage remaining closed throughout March and April. We will continue to keep our Web site and Facebook pages updated with any new information and hope to be able to welcome guests soon!